Here's A Little Bit About Me

After working in financial services for a number of years I transitioned into working in tech as a software developer after attending the Develop Me tech accelerator course. I’m currently employed as a front-end developer working with JavaScipt technologies primarily React.

I became interested into learning the skills required to be a software developer after experiences within the development process. Initially as an end user for a web app which was built for the team I was a part of and then working as a business analyst for a savings platform. I love learning about new technologies and have focused my efforts on JavaScript since becoming a developer, additionally I enjoy trying to improve my understanding and application of design.

Check Out Some Of My Work

Shelf - Link Manager

Shelf is a full stack app built using the MERN stack with react hooks. The app allows a user to sign up to there own account and manage there links in one place. It's possible for users to add, edit, filter and delete entries. The app was deployed on Heroku and Netifly.

Futbol 5-Aside

This project was an technical challenge over two weeks after completinig the DevelopMe course. A React / Redux app using class based components that allows users to create and customise two randomly selected five a side teams and return match conditions plus a result.

FX Converter

A React app built with hooks that allows users to see the latest exchange rates against pound sterling and use the converter to get an exchange rate for a pair of currencies with up to 20 currencies available. The app uses a third party API to make two seperate GET requests.

"I'm always interested in speaking about any potential opportunities so please feel free to get in contact with me. The best way to reach me is by email."

Getting In Touch With Me

If you want to get in touch about any possible opportunities you're able to email me using the contact button. Alternatively, you can contact me though my LinkedIn page. You can download my most recent curriculum vitae in this section for further information on me.

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